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Registration fee for participating in the Conference is EUR 20 and includes covering the expenses on: 

1. Participation in all academic events envisaged by the Conference. 

2. Issue of a personalized certificate (paper version or e-certificate). 

3. Issue of a Conference Program (paper version or jpeg). 

4. Web-hosting, posting presentations (reports, webinars, master classes) on the website. 

5. Registration of the published Proceedings in scientometric databases and repositories. 


Additional fees for publication: 

1. Paper in the Conference Proceedings (EUR 50). 

2. Article in the Journal (IJSA). There is a fee according to the terms of the Journal. 


There are NO SUBMISSION CHARGES (for manuscript). 

There are NO CHARGES for rejected manuscript. 


The published articles will be immediately and permanently free to access by everyone. 


Banking details (for manuscripts) are provided after the Editorial Office confirms the acceptance of the materials.  

Postal services and paper version of the Proceedings/Journal are not included in this deposit.

You can transfer the registration fee by payment system


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