Each Conference Participant should register for the Conference (CIES / РРРMSF).

Please use our Template to submit the Application Form.

Please choose the appropriate option for you to participate in the Conference:

  • Participation without a certificate, without a presentation, without a publication is free.
  • Participation with a certificate with a presentation or with a certificate without a presentation – registration (sponsorship) fee is paid.


The minimum registration (sponsorship) fee is EUR 10.

Sponsors can be both individuals and legal entities.




  1. Participation in all Conference events and posting on the official Conference website:
  • video recording of the report;
  • video recording of the master-class;
  • video recording of the webinar.


  1. Issue of a personalized certificate for Conference Participant:
  • issued in English;
  • printed in gold on the original form with protective elements;
  • having a unique serial number;
  • having information on participation in events (ECTS credits);
  • having a special sticker with a stamp,
  • having QR Codes of the Conference website;
  • authenticated with signatures of members of the international Organizing Committee (from 5 continents);
  • certified by the imprint of the seal of the Organizing Committee.


  1. Issue of a Conference Program:
  • having information about the Conference venue, Organizing Committee, etc.;
  • having information about the events that took place during the Conference (master classes, webinars, etc.).


  1. Registration of the published Article in scientometric databases:
  • Google Scholar (USA);
  • CrossRef System (USA);
  • CORE (United Kingdom);
  • EndNote Click (Great Britain);
  • Index Copernicus (Poland);
  • ResearchGate (Germany);
  • Publons (New Zealand);
  • ERIH PLUS (Norway);
  • Jisc (United Kingdom);
  • Zenodo (Switzerland);
  • OpenAIRE (Norway);
  • Scilit (Switzerland);
  • BASE (Germany);
  • DOAJ (Sweden);
  • ROAD (France);
  • MIAR (Spain);
  • GitHub (USA);
  • OAJI (USA);
  • etc.



  1. Publication of Abstract in the Conference Proceedings (EUR 20):
  • Current Issues of Education and Science (ISBN, DOI);
  • Psychological and Pedagogical Problems of Modern Specialist Formation (ISBN, DOI).


  1. Publication of Article in the international periodical scientific peer-reviewed Journals:



  • either electronic or paper version of the certificate / Program;
  • either electronic or paper version of the Journal.



  • To get a personalized certificate, the participant should register for the Conference, sign the APPLICATION FORM and pay the registration (sponsorship) fee.
  • Each author / co-author of the accepted final article should register at the Conference and pay the registration (sponsorship) fee.
  • Registration fee does not include publication fee.
  • The fee for publishing an article in the IJSAIJES is determined by the terms of the Journals.
  • Delegates should pay (if any) for servicing the bank on the sender’s side.

Postal service is carried out at the expense of the customer.

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